This workshop is where we get into the nitty-gritty of construction methods for tiny house building.

Whether you are planning on buying a tiny house, or building it yourself this workshop will teach you the essential principles that keep your tiny house safely on the road and cool in the Australian summer heat.

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn essential building information specific to mobile tiny house construction:

  • The 4 main risks with tiny house builds.
  • The 3 things to get right when planning and building your tiny house.
  • Building terminology that will help you talk “building” at your local timber yard.
  • Building methods suitable for tiny houses – making it strong & light weight.
  • Essential and expendable aspects for tiny house builds.
  • The 4 things to do to make your tiny house strong for safe travel.
  • How to design a tiny house to keep cool in our Australian summer.
  • Good design means great planning – an introduction to what learning SketchUp can do for your tiny house project.

This is a workshop designed for DIY-ers, not for tradesmen wanting to establish a tiny house business.

What others have said about this workshop:

“All the tips that you wouldn’t know until you built one.”
“Building terminology & ‘know how’ was new to me and appreciated.”
“The most valuable part of this workshop for me was learning about radiant barriers, insulation and SketchUp.”
“Great gathering and interesting information provided and shared.”
“Best bits were learning in more depth about the reality behind building a tiny house on wheels.”

Date & Time:

Sunday, 21st May 2017


Uniting Church Hall,
Castlemaine, VIC
This workshop is suitable for the DIY-er,
or someone wishing to become an informed consumer before employing someone to build your tiny house.If you are a tradesmen looking to get into building tiny houses, please join our website and get advanced notice of professional development level workshops just for you coming in February 2017.

Cost: 1 Person $65; Couples $120; Children under 12 year are free, but please consider if your children will be happy quietly hanging around for a 3 hr workshop.
Tickets are non-refundable.
Tickets are transferable to another person, if you cannot attend.
Transport: Come by car or train to Castlemaine. Note: It is a 10 minute bike ride or a 30 minute walk to the event site from the Castlemaine Railway Station, so think about coming on the train to this Info Session & Tour.