Our building options

Whether you are an experienced handy-person, weekend DIY-er or just want it all done for you, we can help. We run regular TINY HOUSE WORKSHOPS workshops for $120 per day to introduce the building process. We also provide a complete TINY HOUSE BUILT PACKAGE than can be on your site within eight weeks of ordering. Prices start at $50,000.

Minimise you carbon footprint

While aesthetic beauty may not be your reason to go tiny, it helps inspire us here at Fred’s Tiny Houses to create cozy homes where form and function dance together in a place you can call your own.

Our community

We can support you in however you would like to join our community. We hold workshops on building a Tiny House. We provide design and drafting services. We can show you how to successfully invest and make money from your Tiny House. And of course we can build you your own Tiny House for as little as $50,000.

What to do next?

Have a look at the options available on our website under LIVE, STAY, BUILD, INVEST. See what works for you and you can sign up to get regular updates on our workshops, courses and special offers here.